Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hedy's Neon Matte Polish Swatches

Trying to make my own self imposed "no buy" deadline I went to Rite Aid and saw these and it's very rare I pick up an entire set. Pic heavy post!

The collection:
Electric Blue 
Bolts of Blue
Rocket Green
High Voltage
Nuclear Pink

Electric Blue has a nice silver base shimmer.

The formula is smooth and opaque in one coat and dries pretty fast.

I LOVE the bottle design! 

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Bolts of Blue is just as pretty as Electric Blue. It too has a shimmer and application is smooth.

It's a bright/soft baby blue. Very summery!

Rocket Green has no shimmer. The formula is a bit thicker and can leave bald spots and streaks a little. It's opaque in one coat.

Rocket Green is a BOLD bright green...martian green!

Lightening is just that...a bright, neon yellow! It has a slight orange undertone (looks like nacho cheese!). Like Rocket Green it is a thick formulation and is a bit streaky and can leave bald spots. Lightening is opaque in one coat.

Lightening dries pretty fast.

High Voltage is a bright traffic cone orange. No shimmer. The formulation is thick as with Rocket Green and Lightening.

Unlike Rocket Green and Lightening it looks a little jelly like...which is awesome!

Last is Nuclear Pink. It's bright and bolt and same formulation as Rocket Green, High Voltage and Lightening.

This is a great set and nothing a little polish thinner can't fix  (which it has!) for the thickness of some of the polishes. Great colors and sooooo glad I found this! Which one's are your fav? Will you be picking this up?

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  1. I think High Voltage is my favorite. I saw these at my rite aid too but I didn't get any. I may have to go back for high voltage :) Thanks for the swatches!

    1. At $2.99 I couldn't pass them up! High Voltage is a great color. Get it! =)

  2. Wow. They're all so amazingly bright! They look gorgeous!

    1. They are! I think I may go back for a second set! Love these!

  3. These are pretty nice. I was hesitant to get one of these since I hadn't used this brand before, but now my Rite Aid is sold out... Oh well.

    1. This is a great set to have. I did eventually go back and get another set as backup. Check other Rite Aid locations! You might get lucky!


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