Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jessica Cosmetics | A Night at the Opera Collection

Jessica Cosmetics has decided to dedicate their Fall 2013 collection to the opera. A Night at the Opera Collection is a nice mix of metallics, shimmers and creams. First up Velvet & Pearls.

Velvet & Pearls is described as a "brand new definition of black." It isn't a true inky black but rather charcoal. It has a nice jelly formula and you can get away with one coat.

Prima Donna is described as a "violet celebration of the inner diva." I can't help but think I've seen this color A LOT lately. It is a nice violet metallic with pink shimmer. The formula on this one was jelly like and if applied just a tad thick you could get away with one coat.

Overture is described as "the start of something big in iridescent copper." Overture is just WOW. This leans reddish-copper and is a gorgeous metallic. This was an immediate favorite. This too is just one coat.

Opening Night is described as a "debut-worthy fuchsia." Opening Night is bright and in your face like marquee lights. This has purple and pink shimmer and the formula is jelly. This too is a one coater.

Blue Aria is described as an "unforgettable song in cobalt." I think this could be better described as a navy blue but beautiful nonetheless. This is a jelly and a stainer. You can get some balding in one coat so better with two.

Standing Ovation is described as a "green guaranteed to get glowing notices." Standing Ovation is a nice metallic green. It is a bit stroky but if applied in even long strokes you can avoid that. This too is jelly and one coat.

A Night at the Opera is a great collection. The formula on all the of the polishes were great and even better you can get away with only one coat! I like the use of different finishes which makes the collection much more appealing and sets it apart from the other fall collection releases this year. There isn't a release date for these yet but be on the look for them soon. Be sure to check Jessica Cosmetics Facebook for news.

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