In real life....I work for a software company
Current polish stash count (not including base and top coats)....700+ (not including dupes) O_O (Stash List) *really need to update!*
Nail care treatments....Mavala, Bamboo Extract, Rejuvacote (used to take Biotin...I LOVE Bamboo better)
Polish my nails....at least twice a week
Best places to find polishes.... Nail salons. They have the greatest finds! Also several large drugstore chains. I'll shop say one Rite Aid and find great stuff and go to another Rite Aid and find great finds I didn't see at the other!
I started collecting polishes seriously....starting late 2011
My favorites are....Seche Vite, European Secrets Rock Top Coat and Onyx Professional No Odor Nail Polish Remover. 
My nails...must match my outfits...I can't have it any other way. YES I'm that anal about it. I pre-plan my outfits for work on Saturday or Sunday for the week and will often do color schemes and then paint my nails. YES...I'm really that serious about it. It saves soooooo much time in the mornings ☺
I LOVE....clothes as much as my nails...I can go 6+ months without wearing the same outfit twice....also LOVE bargains...and my dry cleaner LOVES me

I shop for polish....at least 2-3 times a week (if I'm really feigning)...hence "Super Haul Sunday!" I almost ALWAYS head to the clearance bin FIRST
Best find EVER....so far FingerPaints Flakies...had to go all the way to Tennessee for a wedding, track down the nearest Sally's Beauty Supply and snag the last three (in the store) of the five that were released. Hubby has officially deemed me insane...LOL **Edited to add China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection got 7 of them (sold two so far) and recently found Absolutely Alice and Merry Midnight!
Favorite nail techniques....(not necessarily in this order) stamping, gradient, galaxy, plain mani
How do I find the time...no kids (but I am a pet parent to a dog that thinks he's human...and I'm starting to believe that myself...lol) and ME time is a MUST. You have to make time for yourself and your hobbies. Keeps me sane!
My favorite color....is BLUE any shade of it. Although with polish I'm very picky about the blues I choose...go figure!

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