DND Gel Polish Review 2020

For over a decade, Daisy Nail Design (DND) has been in the nail polish business. Prolific research has led to the innovation of a new double step gel that never requires a base coat nor a bond. It is in the company’s best interest to save time and money for its customers hence the need for such innovations. Besides, unlike the typical gels or acrylics, DND gel nail polish can last for almost a month. The Californian-based company sells its products directly to salons. Its products can be bought online from the company’s online resellers or even beauty supply stores.

Image: https://dtknailsupply.com/

The Daisy Duo Manicure can be applied in simple and straightforward steps. First, it is always necessary to prepare the nails by cleaning and buffing them. Proceed to apply a thin coat of gel color. Use an LED lamp to cure the coating for about 30 seconds and then under the Ultra Violet light for 2 minutes. After curing, proceed to apply the second layer of color and repeat the curing process. The top gel coat should be the last layer and should also be treated under a lamp. Use a pad or a lint-free wipe to get rid of any sticky residue.

It is clear that with DND, a base coat or bond is not required. Only the gel color is needed. Make sure that the coatings are well cured, and you will enjoy luxurious nails for a minimum of three weeks. Moreover, curing the coats is easy and flexible. You can choose to use Ultraviolet or LED lights. However, the LED light uses 30 seconds less time than when taken when using the UV light faster and more conveniently. Daisy Duo gel is an odorless gel that makes it healthier and more comfortable to apply.

Further, the gel does nor drip or run like the other gels. When the time to remove it comes, you only require about 20 minutes to soak it in acetone. It would be best if you wiped it off the nails, and you are suitable for the next manicure.

Shopping for DND Gels

When you go shopping for DND gels, you will acquire two bottles with the colored polish gel in the white bottle and a matching lacquer in a clear container. Each of the bottles has 15ml or one ounce. However, the package might not be having a transparent top gel. In this case, you will be required to purchase it separately. You might be thinking that a top coat from another brand might serve the same purpose, but it will just result in a funny looking manicure. DND has over a hundred different colors. The color of the bottle gives you a rough idea of the kind of manicure that you expect. But swatches are the easiest way of knowing the final color of the manicure before you can even apply it.

According to some users, achieving the desired opaqueness when using neon color need you to apply more than two coats. Many customers can never get around the enchantment of the many glitter polishes available in the DND color spectrum. The shades in the range are eye-catching. Some of these shades include Pinky Kinky, Sapphire Stone, and neutrals like Snow Flake and Fairy Dream. Stencils can be used to up the ante just like any other gel, as well as other holographic accent nail arts.

Tips for Better Manicure At Home

Every time you are interested in a DIY manicure or have the time to care for a friend’s nails, there are a few things that you should know. First careful preparations are required. Preparations do not involve washing hands. It is just acquiring the needed components and prepping the nails. A thin light layer should then be applied. However, it would help if you were careful when using the gel to prevent lifting. Please keep it away from the skin. Organizing yourself adequately before starting ensures an interruption-free process where you will not be forced to do other things amidst the process. Also, if you have buffed and pushed back cuticles, the resultant manicure will be beautiful and long-lasting. Make sure to avoid washing your hands because the polish is best when applied to dry nails. Ensure that you use thin layers when using gel polish even if the layer looks transparent because it might take more than a single layer to achieve the opaqueness required. Allow the coats to cure properly because a polish that is not set correctly self-destructs and becomes tacky. Also, avoid the skin around the nails because bridging the two makes the coats to flake.


DND gels are a unique form of manicure that provides users with the most exquisite look on their nails. They are loved for their ability to last for over three weeks, as well as the ease of application. Removing the gel on the nails is also easy. They have a wide range of colors that you can choose from and can even be applied at home.