2019 Gel Spider Nail Art Must Try

You’ve seen it in social media, you’ve seen celebrities wearing it but what is Gel Spider Really? This gel is made specifically for making web lines, they are ultra sticky and stingy on purpose. This gel is also great for creating shattered glass and straight lines look and they are very easy to do. You don’t need to be a pro to create a Hollywood and Instagram-worthy gel spider nail design, you just need to try. Here are some designs that you can re-recreate to get started with this latest trend.

Gel Spider Nail Art

1. Ring Finger Accented Nail Design

Are you a bit skeptical whether to try the design or not? Well, you can start with designing one nail only. A nude look is a good way to start it. Coat your nails in your favourite nude shade then create the gel spider design on the lower side of the nail. If you want it to be extra flashy, add some glitters and finish it with a glossy top coat.

2. Gel Spider on Gold Nails

Want to add a twist to your normal gold nails? Well, this might be the one for you. Coat your nails with your favourite gold nail dipping powder like LDS D159 Like No Other then free-hand your gel spider design. When it comes to gel nail spider, there is no wrong or right way to do it so even if made a mistake, that’s fine because no one will ever notice.

3. Halloween Design Gel Spider

Are you thinking of nail art designs to wear this coming Halloween? Yes, it might be too early for that but who says you have to wait for the occasion to wear it? You can wear it for no reason at all. LDS D80 You Melt Me will be a good basecoat and you can create your very own spider using non-other than the gel spider. You can watch tutorials online if you are not sure how to create a spider but it is rather easy to make.

4. Galaxy and Milky Way Design

Create fun stingy galaxy look on your nails using DND gel . Using LDS D74 Black List as your basecoat and a white gel spider to create the milky way effect, and what is a galaxy without the stars? Of course, you’re gonna need one too. You can get one on your favourite nail store or if you have star glitters, that is fine too.

5. Geometric Lines on White Nails

Got a steady hand? If you do, then this one will work well for you. Using LDS French White as basecoat, create geometric lines using detailing brush. You think you don’t have that hand? That is fine too, as long as you know how to create lines, you can achieve this look. You can also do this on black nails, it will look just as fantastic.