The Difference Between Dip Powder and Gel Manicures

Nail polish is a beautiful way of making a forceful style statement. While you have different nail manicures like dipping powder, gel polish, acrylic, etc., all of them enhance your beauty quotient. Each of these manicures has its pluses and minuses. People have their individual preferences as to which of the best processes. Let us look at the differences between the favorite manicures, dipping powder nails, and gel polish.

Difference Between Gel and Dip Powder Nails

The discussion is on understanding the difference between the two manicures and not looking at the better procedure.

The application process

The primary difference between the two manicures is the application process. However, the similarity is that both the processes are easy.

The gel polish manicure is a traditional application where you apply the polish on your nails and cure each polish layer under the UV lamp. On the other hand, the dipping powder procedure is different. First, you apply a basecoat and dip your fingernails into the colored acrylic powder. You could require a minimum of two or three dips to get the perfect texture and spread. The next step is the activator gel application that helps bind the powder to the base coat. Finally, a topcoat application seals the polish and lends it the luster.

Lasting power

Compared to gel manicures, the dipping powder nails last comfortably longer. The perfectly done gel manicure can easily last for two or three weeks. On the other hand, the dip powders can last for three to four weeks because of the stronger polymers. Besides, dip manicures contain bonding glue, cyanoacrylate, a strong adhesive to help stick to the nail.

However, one should prepare your nails well before both these manicures. Otherwise, you end up lifting or chipping your nail manicure.

The removal process

While dip powders last longer than gel manicures, they are comparatively more challenging to remove. The removal procedure for gel manicures and dipping powder nails is the same, but dip powder manicures take longer.

The procedure starts with scraping away the top layer of the polish using a nail file or emery paper. The second step is soaking the nails in acetone. Alternatively, you can dip cotton balls in acetone and place them over the nails. Finally, wrap the balls using aluminum wraps to prevent them from falling off. A good half an hour soak should be sufficient for the gel polish to slide off the nail. The dipping powder could take some more time.

Damage to nails

Nail polish does not harm your nails in any way, but following the incorrect procedure does. The same applies to both these manicures. Both procedures require proper prepping of the nails. Besides, one should be patient when removing the polish. If you try to remove the polish layers forcibly, you could end up damaging your nails.

The ideal way to prevent your nails from dehydrating is to massage them with cuticle oil after the removal process. Besides, you can give them a week’s gap before going for the next manicure.

Sanitation issues

When it comes to sanitation, dipping powder has a slight disadvantage, especially if you do not follow the laid down procedure. Generally, salon workers dip your fingers into the dipping powder bottle and allow it to stick to your nail. Therefore, there can be a sanitation issue if the person dipping her hand before you had nail infections. Besides, you should ensure to throw away the dip powder that falls to the ground and not reuse it because it can get contaminated.

There is no such issue with gel polish.

You can have the dipping powder manicure hygienically by carrying your dip powder nail bottle to the salon. Alternatively, you can have the manicure at home. It is a better idea, especially during the pandemic, as you can avoid unnecessary visits to the nail salon and risk infections.

Time required and cost

Generally, it takes around 45 minutes for either manicure to complete. More than half the time is necessary for prepping the nails. However, if you come out of the salon within 30 minutes, you can be sure it is an imperfect job. As far as cost is concerned, dip powders can be slightly more expensive than gel polish. However, dipping powder nails require fewer trips to the salon. Hence, the costs even out in the long run.

Final Words

While dipping powder and gel manicures are excellent procedures, they are entirely different. Each of these processes has its admirers. Both these manicures enhance your attraction quotient and take it to an entirely different level. There is no debate on which of the two is the better procedure because both are popular.