New DND Gel Polish for Males – a New Trend

Can men wear nail polish? We ask, why should men not wear nail polish? Is there any law that prevents men from wearing them? So, men can wear gel polish, and men do, as well. You have umpteen examples of Hollywood male stars wearing exciting, new DND gel polish. Today, men are gradually discovering the beauty of wearing gel nail polish. It is becoming a growing trend.

Here are some exciting manicures that men can have.

Top DND Nail Design for Males

Multi-color nail manicures

The best aspect of male manicures is that there are no hard and fast rules about the color combinations. Any color looks great on men because it is a new trend. So, we recommend men try out the rainbow look with seven different colors adorning their nails. In addition, DND gel polishes are available in an exciting range of colors that men can try out and make a unique male fashion statement.

Prominent Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp have displayed their nails in multi-color manicures in various Hollywood bashes.

The classic red male finish

If you feel that the classic red is the prerogative of women, you are mistaken. Even men can sport the red shades with equal aplomb. The best aspect of men’s manicure is that you can the red paint on a single nail to make a forceful fashion statement. Alternatively, you can set the trend by painting on select nails.

Whatever way you wear them, red nails look absolutely stunning on male nails, much the same way as they adorn the female hands.

Have the guts to try the blue?

Blue is a unique shade that comes in a variety of hues, from the lightest of sky-blue tones to the heaviest of navy blue. The exciting aspect is that the blue color suits men as much as they do women. Men can go for a range of blue nail finishes ranging from metallic to glittering. All blue hues look heavenly on men, with some of the top Hollywood stars like Darren Criss showing them off with absolute glee.

How would the nude finish look on men?

Do you think that the perfect manicure is one full of colors? No, it is not at all necessary for it to be so. Sometimes, the minimal colors look gracious on men’s nails. The nude finish is perfect for it allows the macho hands to wear subdued colors and still look amazingly beautiful. The DND nail have an exquisite range of nude shades to suit all skin types.

The advantage of the nude finish is that you can add any matching color to look great.

Does white look odd on men?

Why should white look odd on men, especially when men can carry off outrageous colors like yellow with absolute ease? The pristine white looks great on men’s nails and suits their skin tone perfectly. While men might not like to have nail art on their nails, the white base can serve as the perfect platform to deliver critical messages like ‘I Love You’ and ‘Miss U,’ etc.

So, white is also a growing trend with males, especially with many top Hollywood actors and even top athletes flaunting their freshly-painted white nails.

What about the French manicure?

If any manicure suits men as much as women, it is the French manicure. But, men have a distinct advantage: they can comfortably try different French manicures on their nails simultaneously. Of course, the traditional French manicure with the white tips is still a rage, even among men. But you have men showing the guts to try different versions and bring out the wild side of their personalities.

The modern-day trend is the stiletto style that adds a couple of stars to men’s fashion.

Does nail art make men look feminine?

What makes you think so? Does wearing jeans and T-shirts make women look masculine. Of course, it does not, so why should men feel that nail art is a woman’s prerogative. Today, we have gender equality. So, men should feel free to have whatever colors they love. Nail art is the perfect way for a man to express his feelings to the people he loves the most.

Can men go for the glam look?

Today, things have changed tremendously, with men being game enough to try out various manicures and set new trends for everyone to follow. Since male nail polish is something new, you generally have the Hollywood stars wearing them to be on par with the glam quotient with the female stars.

But the day is not far away when you can have the ordinary man on the street trying out exciting new DND gel polish on his nails and not being afraid to make the most forceful fashion statement.