• What Experiences Does SNS Nail Dipping Powder Bring to Consumers?

    Currently, DIY is a very popular trend and it is spreading to many fields from the design to construction industry and now to the beauty industry, specifically nail beauty. While today’s consumer culture offers solutions to solve people’s needs by buying ready-made items, DIY (short for Do It Yourself) encourages people to do everything by themselves. Because of that, many nail beauty products were born, here must mention nail dipping powder, especially SNS nail dipping powder kit. With many practical applications and easy to use, it has gradually become the best-selling product at SNS Nails supply stores! So first let’s find out what makes SNS and their products famous and widely used?

    Things You Have to Learn More about SNS Nail Brand!

    In the US, everyone knows about the SNS nail brand or at least heard of it, it is the third largest and most famous brand in the production and distribution of nail polish and dip powder as well as nail accessories and nail tools in the United States of America. The nail industry is an almost indispensable beauty industry in the US because the beauty needs of women are increasing, not only that, many teenage girls now go to nail salons to get their nails done every 2 weeks, that is enough to prove the appeal of nail beauty, but which product is the product you usually see in most nail salons?


  • Why Do LDS Healthy and Lacquer & LDS 2-in-1 Gel and Lacquer Become the Best Gel Nail Polish Kit?

    Every woman wants to be as perfect as possible. That gradually becomes a concern in the hearts of any of us. Just like makeup will help a woman’s face look more beautiful, fresher, help us cover up the flaws on our face, gel nail polish also helps women’s hands become more attractive and nice-looking. Since then, on the market appeared many types of color gel nails with all categories from popular to high-end. Each variety has prices from low to high and the color variety of the product is also gradually increasing. LDS Healthy Gel and Lacquer & LDS 2-In-1 Gel and Lacquer will be the best gel nail polish kit for you.

    However, not everyone has enough time and money to go to the nail salon regularly so as to beautify their nails. Therefore, now many people find out the process and steps of doing nail art as well as the color gel nails that are both good and worth the money to be able to do their own nails at home. Especially housewives, they usually choose to buy color gel nails and do their own nails at home. However, if you want to have a beautiful and long-lasting nail set like salon, you need to know how to choose the best gel nail polish kit.

    Choose Color Gel Nails Polish or Regular Nail Polish?

    Color Gel Nails

    Gel polish is very popular nowadays because it has many advantages. It has the general properties of being very tough and durable, a variety of gel polish colors, customers can easily choose any of their favorite colors and the nail sets used with gel nail polish can last a long time, from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the gel polish brand that you choose. In addition, after applying gel polish you can comfortably work without fear of the paint fading or peeling.


  • Top 5 Skincare Tips for Psoriasis Patients

    Psoriasis causes itchy, inflamed skin, usually treated with topical treatments, medication, and other therapies. Some changes to your daily routine can make the process of healing easier. In this article, we are sharing the five skincare tips for psoriasis patients.

    Keep Your Skin Moist

    Moisturizing skin is one of the easiest and effective ways of skincare for psoriasis. It can boost the skin’s healing process and reduce dryness, soreness, scaling, redness, and itching. You should choose a moisturizer and body wash according to the skin type. For instance, psoriasis people often have dry skin; thus, you should get the best body wash for dry skin.

    The body wash should be able to keep the skin moisturized. If you buy lotions to moisturize the skin, it will easily get absorbed. You should use a moisturizer that doesn’t contain fragrance. A humidifier is best for keeping the skin moisturized for people who have psoriasis.


  • DIY Water Marble Nail Art – How to Do and Supplies You Need

    Summer is all about experimenting with the latest trends and flaunting what you got. Nail art has been popular for quite a while, and new trends keep coming in this niche. One of the most popular fashions that are going around for a while is water marble nail art.

    This spectacular piece of art doesn’t require an expert as you can do this very easily at home. Here, we will teach you exactly how to do it and what supplies you need to achieve the best results.


    You can’t create a piece of art without using great supplies. For this nail art, you will require the following simple supplies:

    • Nail file
    • Nail polish of white or any other light shade
    • Nail paint of 3-4 different colors
    • Toothpick
    • Liquid latex or nail polish remover
    • A cup of water
    • Topcoat
    • Brush for cleaning



    You need to have perfectly clean and dry nails to apply your nail art. Clean up any residing nail polish with nail remover. Trim your nails properly and do not leave any rough edges. Make sure all the nails are of even shape and length.

    Application of the Base Coat

    Apply liquid latex on the border of your nail to prevent any nail paint from sticking on the skin. This will also make it easy for you to clean up the mess in the end. If you don’t have liquid latex, don’t fret! You can always use a nail polish remover. Then, apply two layers of a good quality base coat evenly. Allow it to dry properly before attempting to apply the next coat.

    Creation of Design

    Now it’s time to bring out the artist in you! Take a cup of water and plop various nail paint colors in it. One should choose the best nail polishes for water marble to get the best results. Take a toothpick and churn it in the water, which will create unique designs of nail paint in the water. This design will be copied on your nails.


  • Maintain Your Gel Nails and Keep Them Looking Beautiful Forever

    Gel nails are beautiful to have. Besides lasting long, they impart the maximum radiance and allows you to make lasting impressions on people’s minds. However, maintaining the shine is crucial. One should know the precautions to take to preserve the gel nails’ beauty. This article discusses tips that one can follow to maintain the quality of their gel color nails.

    The best aspect of gel manicures is that they last comfortably for more than two weeks, provided you follow the correct procedures. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan by preventing the nails from chipping or lifting. These tips should be helpful for women of all ages.

    Tips to Keep Them Looking Beautiful Forever

    Choose a convenient nail length

    Long nails can look attractive but can hamper your daily activities. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a comfortable length and not allow the nails to grow beyond that. You can judge how quickly your natural nails grow over two weeks. Depending on your nail growth, you can decide on the ideal length. It ensures that the nails do not chip or crack, requiring you to remove the gel nail color in between.


  • The Best Glamorous Kiara Sky Dip Powder Colors

    Kiara Sky is a nail care company started in California. Since its birth, its sole mission has been to provide customers it’s quality products to bring out their beauty more while expressing themselves creatively. Kiara Sky makes their products so that the customers can dictate how they want to use them in any way.

    Kiara Sky makes all nail care products, even dipping powders. Their deep colors are top quality and simple. They make dipping powders in different colors, you can imagine. The dipping powders are available in over 200 colors that match with Kiara Sky gel and lacquers.

    Benefits of Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

    Kiara Sky dip powder colors are naturally long-lasting, lightweight, and do not damage the nail beds. It comprises elements that will strengthen your nails like vitamins and calcium and complex bonds that will keep them from chipping off.

    Kiara Sky powder nails are so popular because of the numerous benefits it offers. Continue Reading to learn about these benefits below:


    A lot of people recommend Kiara Sky dipping powder because of how long it lasts. Customers say it lasts for at least 21 days which is equivalent to 3 weeks without chipping off.


  • DND Gel Polish Review 2020

    For over a decade, Daisy Nail Design (DND) has been in the nail polish business. Prolific research has led to the innovation of a new double step gel that never requires a base coat nor a bond. It is in the company’s best interest to save time and money for its customers hence the need for such innovations. Besides, unlike the typical gels or acrylics, DND gel nail polish can last for almost a month. The Californian-based company sells its products directly to salons. Its products can be bought online from the company’s online resellers or even beauty supply stores.

    Image: https://dtknailsupply.com/

    The Daisy Duo Manicure can be applied in simple and straightforward steps. First, it is always necessary to prepare the nails by cleaning and buffing them. Proceed to apply a thin coat of gel color. Use an LED lamp to cure the coating for about 30 seconds and then under the Ultra Violet light for 2 minutes. After curing, proceed to apply the second layer of color and repeat the curing process. The top gel coat should be the last layer and should also be treated under a lamp. Use a pad or a lint-free wipe to get rid of any sticky residue. (more…)

  • 2019 Gel Spider Nail Art Must Try

    You’ve seen it in social media, you’ve seen celebrities wearing it but what is Gel Spider Really? This gel is made specifically for making web lines, they are ultra sticky and stingy on purpose. This gel is also great for creating shattered glass and straight lines look and they are very easy to do. You don’t need to be a pro to create a Hollywood and Instagram-worthy gel spider nail design, you just need to try. Here are some designs that you can re-recreate to get started with this latest trend.

    Gel Spider Nail Art

    1. Ring Finger Accented Nail Design

    Are you a bit skeptical whether to try the design or not? Well, you can start with designing one nail only. A nude look is a good way to start it. Coat your nails in your favourite nude shade then create the gel spider design on the lower side of the nail. If you want it to be extra flashy, add some glitters and finish it with a glossy top coat.


  • Powder Nail Polish

    Powder nail polish is popular these days, though it is different from that of the usual nail colors and polishes, but a lot better than other techniques used to give nails the riches color possible. Powder nail polish colors are vast and you can get any shade, any style, and any look by using the powder nail polish offered by the top brands and nail color providers.

    There are many nail color providers who offer powder nail polish polishes in a vast range of colors. Among the many that are providing the nail dip powder he popular and most reliable ones are OPI, LDS Dipping Powder, and Kiarasky.

    Basically, the powder nail polish system offers many benefits and that is the reason behind its popularity among the other techniques.

    nail art

    Benefits of using the powder nail polish

    If you are using a quality brand and a complete nail color system that offers rich, smooth and shiny nail color by using the dip powder color, you can get many benefits which are not possible with the other nail color systems. The most common yet most desired benefits of using the powder nail polish include the following: (more…)

  • Color Secrets | Scent of a Woman & While You Were Sleeping

    I’m just going to act like everything is normal and slip in this post 😛 I have two purple pretties to show you. Do the names ring any bells? If you’re a move buff they will! Color Secrets touts itself as a vegan polish free of phthalates, toulene and formaldehyde. They also use mica pigments instead of animal parts (that just sounds weird right?). First up is While You Were Sleeping.


    This is a very deep purple that shows much lighter in these photos.




    Too light to wear on it’s own, Scent of Woman is nice over While You Were Sleeping.

    Both have good formulas and decent dry time. If you’re all about using vegan polish, this should be right up your alley. These are available at select Walgreen’s locations and at colorprosecrets.com