The Best Glamorous Kiara Sky Dip Powder Colors

Kiara Sky is a nail care company started in California. Since its birth, its sole mission has been to provide customers it’s quality products to bring out their beauty more while expressing themselves creatively. Kiara Sky makes their products so that the customers can dictate how they want to use them in any way.

Kiara Sky makes all nail care products, even dipping powders. Their deep colors are top quality and simple. They make dipping powders in different colors, you can imagine. The dipping powders are available in over 200 colors that match with Kiara Sky gel and lacquers.

Benefits of Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

Kiara Sky dip powder colors are naturally long-lasting, lightweight, and do not damage the nail beds. It comprises elements that will strengthen your nails like vitamins and calcium and complex bonds that will keep them from chipping off.

Kiara Sky powder nails are so popular because of the numerous benefits it offers. Continue Reading to learn about these benefits below:


A lot of people recommend Kiara Sky dipping powder because of how long it lasts. Customers say it lasts for at least 21 days which is equivalent to 3 weeks without chipping off.

Professional look

Another advantage of Kiara Sky powder nails is that it gives a professional look without requiring a unique technique like gels or lacquers.


This reason is why a majority of customers like Kiara Sky products. Their dip powders are sometimes half the price of other dip powders. Also, the money spent by frequently visiting the salon is reduced because of how long it lasts.


Dipping powders do not require many steps, which is why the average time to do a dip manicure is 20 minutes. There are steps in doing a dip manicure, but each step does not take up to 5 seconds.

No UV light needed

Many people are afraid of gel colors because they require UV light to cure, and UV lights are harmful. But dip manicures do not need UV light because the Kiara Sky powder nails are durable.

Some of the best Kiara Sky dip powder colors are listed below to help you make beautiful choices. Continue reading!

Most Popular Kiara Sky Dip Powder Colors

Kiara Sky Pink Dip Powder

There are two types of pink dip powder. The chatterbox color is a light dip color. It is a design specially made for the summer season. It is a pretty pink flamingo shade. The second one is a blush pink powder pigment that makes the nails look good and makes everybody blush.

Kiara Sky Nude Dip Powder

This dip powder color design is from the nude color. It is called Creme D Nude. It looks natural on the nails and still makes the pin look gorgeous. This beige neutral powder is an excellent option, and it never flops. The second one is called Bear With Me, some people see the beige color as boring, but this particular one is a creamy neutral design that blends with the skin color.

Kiara Sky Peach Dip Powder

The first type is called Skin Tone. The shade takes the peach color. It looks bold and cheeky without being loud. This peach color is appealing to people. The second one is called Son of a Peach. This color is a perfect peach that would make you always want to go out. The color gives confidence and can lighten up the day with a happy mood.

Kiara Sky Red Dip Powder

The first one is called Socialite. This color is deep and apple candy red. It is an attractive color that no one would want to miss a glance at your nails while wearing this color. The second one is called Glamour 101; this color is a glamorous color based on the red color. Being charming is what every woman loves, and this design offers that.

Kiara Sky Purple Dip Color

There are two types of purple dip color. The spellbound is a beautiful lavender that will keep you mesmerized.

Kiara Sky Brown Dip Color

There are two types of brown dip color. The first one is Treasure the Night. It is a nut brown powdered acrylic that would be nice on the nails. The second one is called Guilty Pleasure. It is another color you would want to keep.

Kiara Sky Blue Dip Color

The blue dip color is of two types. The first one is named Skies the Limit. It is a tranquil shade that lasts longer than ordinary shades. The second one is called Chill Pill. The dark blue color makes you feel relaxed and filled with positive energy.

Kiara Sky Green Dip Color

The two types of green dip color are Green with Envy and Whoopsy Daisy. The Green with Envy is a neon green dip color that is dashing and hard to ignore. And the Whoopsy Daisy is a shimmering green that is light and creamy. 

Kiara Sky Gold Dip Color

There are two types of gold dip color. The first one is called Pixie Dust, and it looks like a fairy. Its astonishing glitter can catch anyone’s stare. The second one is Strike Gold. It is a beautiful color any girl would die to have.

Kiara Sky Yellow Dip Color

This powder is a vibrant color that never ceases to capture the glares of people. It looks beautiful on the nails and brings out the color.


Kiara Sky offers nail dipping powders in over 200 colors aside from dip powder essentials. Kiara Sky dip powders are lightweight and give long-lasting results on the nails without damaging the nail beds. You should try out this product today and feel the beauty.