Maintain Your Gel Nails and Keep Them Looking Beautiful Forever

Gel nails are beautiful to have. Besides lasting long, they impart the maximum radiance and allows you to make lasting impressions on people’s minds. However, maintaining the shine is crucial. One should know the precautions to take to preserve the gel nails’ beauty. This article discusses tips that one can follow to maintain the quality of their gel color nails.

The best aspect of gel manicures is that they last comfortably for more than two weeks, provided you follow the correct procedures. Proper maintenance can increase the lifespan by preventing the nails from chipping or lifting. These tips should be helpful for women of all ages.

Tips to Keep Them Looking Beautiful Forever

Choose a convenient nail length

Long nails can look attractive but can hamper your daily activities. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a comfortable length and not allow the nails to grow beyond that. You can judge how quickly your natural nails grow over two weeks. Depending on your nail growth, you can decide on the ideal length. It ensures that the nails do not chip or crack, requiring you to remove the gel nail color in between.

Gel polish contains nail-strengthening compounds that make your nails solid yet flexible. However, the longer your nails, the more are the chances of breakage. It can affect your everyday activities and cause chipping. You could even find it challenging to rummage through your handbag to find your car keys.

Go for light-colored nails

Dark gels can look attractive on your nails, but the lighter colors are the ones that last longer. Having a light gel color ensures that the nails remain fresh for extended periods. Besides, the lighter colors match your original nails and do not look awkward as the nails grow naturally. On the other hand, dark gel nails can look prominently out of place as your nails grow from the base.

Follow the proper procedure for the manicure

The gel nail manicure requires you to follow a specific procedure that starts with prepping your nails, applying basecoats, curing under the UV lamp, and applying the gel color and the topcoat layers. Bypassing any of these procedures can result in an imperfect manicure leading to unnecessary nail damage. One should also note that curing the nails is inevitable after the application of each layer.

While it is always better to visit a nail salon for a gel manicure, you can practice and master the techniques at home. The advantage of the nail salon is that it ensures a perfect manicure.

Use gloves when working in the kitchen

Working in the kitchen or taking a sauna can cause your hands and nails to become wet. Besides, cleaning your utensils can cause your nails to chip and crack. The sauna can be equally detrimental because exposure to hot water and steam can also cause the gel nail color polish layer to lift.

We are not advising you not to use the sauna or work in the kitchen. Instead, we recommend you wear gloves. It can prevent unnecessary nail damage and lengthen its lifespan.

Moisturizing your nails is critical

Nail polish contains harmful chemicals that can dehydrate your nails and the skin surrounding them. It is essential to keep your nails moisturized. The best way is to massage your nails and the surrounding skin with cuticle oil. As the oil gets absorbed in the skin, it rehydrates the nails and makes them less brittle. It reduces the chances of nail chipping at the most inopportune time.

Peeling your nails is a strict NO

Many women chew their nails and peel them off. Though it can be a natural trait that shows nervousness, it is not advisable if you wish to have beautiful gel nail polish colors. Chewing and peeling your nails causing them to become brittle and weak. One should understand that it a bad habit. The sooner you get rid of the habit, the better it is for your nails. Moreover, it makes you more confident.

Give your nails rest before reapplying

After two to three weeks, you have to remove the gel polish from your nails. Many people rush to have a fresh coat immediately after removing the old one. It is not the best thing to do. One should understand that continuous use of gel nail color on your nails deprives it of natural air and moisture. Besides, the nail polish removal procedure includes soaking the nails in acetone solution, a dehydrating agent. Your nails become dry and prone to damage.

They need some time to breathe and recuperate. Hence, it is better to have a week’s gap between two successive gel manicures. In the meanwhile, you can hasten the recovery process by massaging the nails with cuticle oil.

Final Words

Having the best gel manicure is not a significant achievement but maintaining it for a sustained period is. Hence, one should take the necessary precautions and ensure to maintain the nails’ health. The tips discussed above can help you preserve your gel nail’s health and ensure that you maintain its beauty for extended periods.