Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Hands Springs

Happy Hands Springs is a beautiful aqua base with silver and yellow glitter. I received this as a RAOK and was so happy when I got it. The first time swatching this I beyond disappointed. It was thick and goopy and basically looked like crap. I decided to give it another shot before writing it off completely. I do love the color palette and it would be such a waste to toss this one. I POURED thinner into the bottle and shook the beyezus out of it- yes, the BEYEZUS. After shaking the life out of it I tested the consistency on the brush and it was so much better than before. The true test was how it would apply on the nail. I applied one coat of Estee Lauder Teal Topaz and one coat of Springs. This turned out 1000 times better than the first attempted which was a gloppy chunky mess.

Sometimes patience is key....and a lot of thinner. You can purchase Happy Hands Springs from Happy Hands on Etsy.
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    1. It is! The base is a little tricky though but still pretty!


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